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Message from School Leadership Team

Our vision is that every Yew Wah student enjoys learning, improves their character, graduates from their best fit university and leads a good life. All Yew Wah students are special, have different gifts and will lead unique lives, but they all fit into our vision and we will help them all.

We do this by focusing on three goals. The first is academic; we are a school that appoints excellent qualified teachers to educate your children. Every year, more and more of our students achieve honour roll status and go on to do very well in university. Our students are taught by academics from around the world giving them a broad perspective of the world. Yew Wah graduate students return to us every year and let us know that the CAIE IGCSE and the Cambridge A Level programmes have prepared them exceptionally well for the rigours of overseas university courses.

Secondly, we want all Yew Wah graduates to be successful and happy in their best fit university. Our goal is to have students graduated from university; it is not to only get them in the door. Chinese students face specific challenges adapting to overseas university study. Whilst at Yew Wah we help students get ready with our emphasis on collaborative learning, extra-curricular activities and teamwork. Students will need to use these skills in and out of the classroom to excel and be happy in overseas universities and later in life.

Our most important goal is to give students the opportunity to improve their character. We believe the foundation of education is the formation of character. Our programme gives students many ways to become better people; in the classroom, through sports, clubs, outdoor activities, community service, leadership class and our award winning character education programme.

The school has received eight promising practices in character education awards from the Character Education Partnership to date. Our three goals are all important and connected. We are always teaching to support all three goals. All Yew Wah students are in a core class that meets every day with one teacher and 10 or fewer students, so they can build positive relationships with teachers who are their mentors and help them with their goals. We will know that we are successful educators many years from now, after our students have graduated from university, have successful careers, become great spouses and parents and send their children to study in a school as good as Yew Wah.

If your vision matches ours, we welcome you to our Yew Wah family. Please come and visit us we would love to meet you!

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