Mission & Philosophy

Yew Wah prepares students to look beyond the walls of the classroom and their countries and launches them on a personal journey of growth to become confident, balanced individuals with international perspectives.

  • Yew Wah Mission

    Yew Wah Mission

    • To explore new directions in education

    • To meet new challenges brought by time

    • To upgrade the quality of our services

    • To seek self-growth and development

    • To contribute to society and

    • To create a better future

  • Our Motto

    Our Motto

    Yew Wah will
    Align with Science and Technology
    with Culture and Arts
    with Love and Charity

Philosophy and Objectives

Yew Wah has pioneered a new paradigm in international education. We define an international education as a process of internal transformation which occurs within the child. This transformation is the product of the international school’s culture, which includes the teaching and learning environment, the administration, the curriculum and learning process, all of which influence the character formation of the child. Therefore, the international education ethos that Yew Wah reflects can be seen not only in the content but also in the process of education, which leads our students to become well-rounded individuals with a global outlook.

Yew Wah is committed to educating the whole person from infancy through secondary education. We strive to unite the best elements of classical and contemporary traditions and practices, the growth of the individual and the inquiring mind as well as develop a sense of personal responsibility and social welfare of all. The Yew Wah international curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each age level, rooted in bilingual education in multicultural environments utilising instructional and information technology, fusing both Western and Chinese philosophies for character formation. Our holistic approach to education involves co-operation with parents, family, community and the world around us.

Yew Wah’s educational objectives are to:

  • Provide a holistic education that nurtures the whole person.

  • Promote multiple-intelligence development to allow students to develop their own individual talents.

  • Uphold moral and spiritual values, affirming the worth and dignity of each individual while instilling in each student a loving attitude towards. people, the environment and all living creatures, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards and balancing the interests of different peoples, people and society, people and nature.

  • Broaden students’ global horizons, respect for global culture and the beliefs and values of all people, and a sense of commitment and social responsibility.

  • Integrate high-level technology, the sciences, the arts and awareness of global culture to allow students to adjust well in a competitive global society.

  • Provide a bilingual programme that emphasises both English and Chinese languages and global cultures and leads to fluency in these two world languages of the 21st century.

  • Provide individualised attention and guidance to meet the needs and to develop the potential of individual students.

  • Incorporate a research-based curriculum that is continually being developed and evaluated by teaching and research professionals to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our programmes.