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English Language Enhancement 

As virtually all YWIES Shanghai students are not first language users of English, our entire English language programme focuses on enabling the children to function as confident users of the English language as quickly as possible. All our expatriate teachers have been recruited understanding this principle. They provide a variety of learning activities that enable the children swiftly to develop their English and to demonstrate their increasing understanding in authentic ways.

  • Intensive English Learning Programme

    Intensive English Learning Programme

    English proficiency is essential for students at YWIES Shanghai. Students for whom English is an additional language may participate in the Intensive English Learning Programme. The English proficiency level of all non-native English speakers is assessed on entry to YWIES Shanghai, and language programme placement is determined on an individual basis. All four language skills are taught: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and applied to developing literacy across all areas of the curriculum. The length of the programme is determined by the level of the student's English proficiency, and their progress towards the levels of competency required for effective participation in the YWIES curriculum. By building and developing English proficiency in every student, YWIES helps establish a foundation in a critical communication skill that is necessary for future success.

  • English Immersion Environment

    English Immersion Environment

    At YWIES Shanghai, not only is English taught by native speaking teachers, but all subjects (apart from Chinese Language) are also taught in English by foreign teachers with related specialised qualifications. Our students are truly able to experience international teaching styles in a cross-cultural and English immersion environment.

    The assignments and homework of English class may come in many different forms other than regular vocabulary practice and reading exercises. It emphasises English as a tool of communication. Students may be asked to open their own travel agency and plan various itineraries to different places of China for tourists with different backgrounds and budgets. Working in teams, students need to make English-language brochures and give presentations to attract and persuade tourists acted by students and teachers to choose their agency and itinerary. In this way, English becomes alive and vivid. Students not only can master idiomatic English expression, but also deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and traditions.

    At Yew Wah, English is more than a subject. It is a tool through which students can get in touch with a broader world, to think, to write, to debate and to live. In such an English immersion environment, students can be more equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to study and live abroad.

  • Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK

    Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK

    Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK is a key component of Yew Wah's Primary and Secondary curriculum. Accompanied by their teachers, Year 6, Year 8 and Year 10 students at YWIES Shanghai participate in this extended Yew Wah Classroom at the campus in Somerset, UK. All classes are taught by native speaking teachers permanently based at the accommodation. The programme is discussed beforehand between YWIES Shanghai Gubei and the Somerset venue and structured according to the needs of the children. Students have opportunities to attend local classes to study and participate in a range of activities with local students of the same age. There is also a rich variety of tours covering various aspects of English history and culture. Students communicate with others from different cultural backgrounds, and develop self-sufficiency and collaborative skills in a safe and secure environment.

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