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Lifelong Learning

YWIES upholds the philosophy of lifelong learning which helps students develop critical and creative thinking skills.

In order to inspire the spirit of curiosity and exploration in students, Yew Wah teachers employ diversified teaching and learning methods and strategies to create a joyful learning environment.

Yew Wah Business Fair is a great platform for students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in subjects of economics and business studies. Students come up with well-planned business proposals in different teams. They design and decorate their booth and promote their business through various channels, just turning Yew Wah campus into their practice field of starting their own businesses.

In the annual Yew Wah Science Fair, students are creative enough to come up with different types of cutting-edge science hypothesis. Through series of experiments, their hypothesis are examined and verified. In this way, the abstruse theories and principles become easier to access and understand.In Maths Fashionista, students wear costumes and props made by recycled newspapers and materials to represent foreign and domestic mathematicians. They give presentations about the mathematicians’ major discoveries and theories and related real-life application, which bring much fun and humanistic care to the Maths class.

Christmas concerts, music festivals and the Battle of Bands for Heart to Heart (a charity organisation) provide a broader stage for Yew Wah students and give them opportunities to bring music to more people.The art and design students at Yew Wah have made many contributions to the campus by designing the Yew Wah camp T-shirt’s logo, umbrella and the murals.It is in such a joyful learning environment that the potential of Yew Wah students is stimulated significantly.

  • Joyful Environment

    Motivates Students to Learn, Explore and Experience

    Through interesting and well-planned programmes, YWIES motivates students to learn, explore and experience in a love of learning and stimulating setting.

  • To Promote a Love for Learning

    To Promote a Love for Learning

    YWIES aims to instill a respect, love, and excitement for learning through enjoyable, developmentally appropriate experiences.

  • To Cultivate the Habit of Lifelong Learning

    To Cultivate the Habit of Lifelong Learning

    One major goal of YWIES is to develop lifelong learners that will still be highly inquisitive long after their formative education has been completed.

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