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Mix of East and West 

YWIES integrates the essence of the Eastern and Western education philosophies. It allows more opportunities for students to be immersed in Western and Eastern cultures and understanding of the differences and similarities, getting the best of both cultures.

  • Multicultural Learning Environment

    Multicultural Learning Environment

    The teachers of YWIES come from different countries all over the world which provide students more opportunities to understand the world. YWIES also runs an extensive programme for students to experience the fascination of multi-cultures.

    Global Perspectives is a required IGCSE subject at Yew Wah. The subject provides opportunities for enquiry and reflection on the accelerating changes and unprecedented challenges young people are facing in the 21st century. The course emphasises the development of critical thinking skills that are necessary for active citizenship in the future. This approach aims to help students develop independent minds, and at the same time develop their sense of place within their local and global communities. Over the two-year course students evaluate various perspectives on 20 different topics related to issues of global importance, such as tradition, culture, and identity, family and demographic change, water, food, and agriculture, urbanisation, education for all, disease and health and belief systems.

    The Global Fair at Yew Wah is combined with the topics of Character Development class, such as generosity. Two core classes represent two closely related countries, such as the US and Canada, Germany and Austria. They’ll display how these countries support each other generously to make a better world through posters, music, food, costumes and short plays. Student will get to know more about other countries’ history, geography, culture and traditions.

  • Comprehensive International Education Programme

    Comprehensive International Education Programme

    By providing the programme with professional Chinese and foreign teachers, international curriculum and advanced educational philosophies, YWIES has created an authentic international atmosphere and learning environment in mainland China. With the integrated curriculum YWIES offers, our students can be admitted to overseas schools at any level of study.
    YWIES Shanghai offers the worldwide recognised curriculum, preparing students in academics and overall abilities to pursue further studies in prestigious overseas universities. YWIES focuses on nurturing students’ inquiry-based learning ability and critical thinking skills and encourages students to develop holistically. Chinese, as the native language of Chinese students, is a required IGCSE subject at YWIES. Different kinds of teaching and learning methods such as project-based learning, essay writing and public speaking are employed to deepen students’ understanding of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

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