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Trips & Excursions

In addition to increasing the independence of each YWIES student, trips and excursions help to broaden their understanding of the countries. It also leads to increased cultural respect, while also helping them develop a sense of purpose and perspective in their own lives.

Yew Wah’s outing arrangement allows students to enhance the societal visions, enrich the life experience and strengthen the abilities of communication and problem-solving skills during the trips and excursions.

  • Trips & Excursions

    YWIES organises students for Hong Kong hiking, which is the most traditional annual outdoor activity. While facing to the survival challenges, all the students must rely on the teamwork and personal willpower to reach the destinations. “After the hike, he became almost a different person, mature, capable of taking care of himself, and more responsible,” said one parent of the son. These qualities are exactly what Hong Kong Hike wants to achieve.

  • Trips & Excursions

    YWIES Shanghai Gubei University Guidance Office organises overseas university trips regularly, during which students have the opportunity to communicate directly with admissions staff who would be reviewing their applications for admission, interact with current students and tour the university campuses, so as to develop a better understanding of the overseas education system. One Yew Wah student who attended the USA University Trip in October 2015 said, “When you heard experiences from the students who study in that school, you may get a clear idea of that school and it might change your thought on choosing schools. It’s really a good opportunity to have an idea on how to choose schools.”

Admissions Office

Admissions Hotline: 800 820 2130 / (021) 6275 4365
Address: 600 Gubei Road, Shanghai
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