Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Yew Wah Pre-College Open Campus is mainly open to Year 9 to Year 12 students. It will be held on Saturdays for ten weeks, offering a total of 12 course options, including

Fall 2020

Foundation Art 1

Lifestyle & Wellness

Fashion Design

Textile Design

Graphic Design

Digital Photography

Spring 2021

Foundation Art 2

Lifestyle & Wellness

Art Portfolio

Fashion Portfolio

Textile Portfolio

Digital Media Portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Yew Wah Pre-College Open Campus

Course Introduction

Foundation Art

This course is designed to provide a foundation for upper level visual arts courses. It is intended to build and develop the skills and vocabulary required for a range of visual arts. The course will introduce students to the formal elements of art and design - line, shape, color, texture and space, and also provide a basis for further study within a variety of art and design disciplines and medium. Students will develop observation skills, drawing and painting techniques working on live figure, nature, landscapes or still-life set up. In addition, students will expand their thinking, strengthen their creative ability, and to develop their own visual vocabulary and artistic expression.

Graphic Design

This course is designed to provide the basic tools, principles, design process and resources to create effective graphic work and how graphic design can be used to communicate. Integrate with elements of design, students will explore a range of traditional and digital design tools, techniques and approaches: illustration and print making, typography and signage, packaging design, branding and advertising, incorporating along with computer applications to express a visual communication. In addition, students will cultivate an awareness of current and historical design process and concepts, and develop an understanding of the influence of social and cultural contexts. Students will learn to explore the relationship between image and text, use of color, composition, problem-solving and communication to develop their practice to express their creativity and personal responses.

Fashion & Textiles

This Fashion and Textiles course brings together the fine art world of colour, texture, surface, shape and pattern, and the fast-moving world of fashion and lifestyles. The rich history of fashion and textiles and the contemporary dimensions of culture and sociology give this area of study a particular resonance and excitement. The course is designed for students to express through a wide range of media and techniques from fashion design and illustration, costume design, exploration of materials and textiles construction, along with surface design, printing, dyeing to digital-printed textiles. Students will develop their conceptual abilities, strengthen research methodology, learning about different traditional and contemporary design concepts and construction techniques, understanding of proportion, form and function. Ultimately students will foster their own style and taste, to translate the mood and sensibility of a designer’s vision, to create a visual communication and emotional expression to tell their own story.

Digital Media & Design

This course enables the students to explore a range of design process and techniques, understanding and knowledge in our contemporary culture and in the digital media related fields. The subject contents include Digital Photography: application such as portraiture, landscape, documentary, still-life or editorial, Moving Image: exploring animation and digital film making; Mobile & Multimedia Applications which include web and mobile applications, games, interactive media and digital installation. Students will combine photography skills with software skills to produce digital outcome. The emphasis is on a personal response and the creative journey for students to produce an effective visual communication and a creative expression in both physical and virtual environments.

Fine Art Portfolio

This course is designed for students preparing their university admission portfolios. Guided by faculty of art professionals, students will gain a better understanding as to what is needed to prepare a portfolio, develop as an artist and an individual. This course inspires each individual student to find their own creative voice and storytelling from creating initial idea, extensive research and design process to develop a portfolio of focused and interconnected art works. Through experimentation and addressing a range of different disciplines within art and design, students will explore different media and techniques from drawing, painting, photography, illustration, and 3D designs. The course also encourages students to communicate and attend to global awareness and social issues.

Fashion Design Portfolio

This course focuses on portfolio development for students who are in the process of applying to fashion colleges. Guided by faculty of fashion professionals, students will explore what a fashion portfolio is, and to develop own creative voice as a designer, artist and individual. This course will bring together the fine art world of ideas, color, texture, surface, shapes and patterns and the world of fashion and lifestyle. This course guides students from creating initial idea, extensive research and design process to develop a portfolio of focused and interconnected design works. Experimentation with different media, incorporating fashion drawing, fabric manipulations, surface design and embellishment, to photography and 3D designs. The course also inspires students to communicate their designs, be relevant to the contemporary lifestyle and attend to global awareness and social issues to create a unique and personal portfolio of storytelling.

Lifestyle & Wellness

This course is designed for pre-college students to acquire lifestyle knowledge and skills outside of the academic classroom. It provides lifestyle, culture and wellness programmes to prepare them for college, adulthood and life. These programmes inspire and enable the students to gain confidence in themselves to achieve balance and harmony in life, and to assertively engage themselves with the world. This lifestyle refinement course gives training on etiquette, grooming and image, communication and social skills, cultural intelligence and wellbeing, to prepare students to plan and build their path, to be better equipped themselves to face challenges and to acquire practical skills and powerful tools to lead a healthy and happy life. This dynamic course in the format of a series of workshops and lectures is conducted by experienced instructors and renowned guest speakers in the fields of lifestyle, culture and wellbeing. This course is designed for life enrichment and for transformation!

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Yew Wah Pre-College Open Campus

Developed and Instructed by Yew Wah Art & Design Faculty

A Place Where Students Are Guided by

Teachers at International High School

Designers and Artists

In an English Immersive Environment


Fall 2020——Every Saturday from October 10 for 10 weeks

Spring 2021——Every Saturday from February 27 for 10 weeks


600 Gubei Rd Shanghai


Y9-Y12 Students


RMB20000/one course for ten weeks

RMB45000/whole day with three courses for ten weeks


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