Somerset Yew Wah Classroom

YWIES has long placed strong emphasis on students’ holistic education. It not only trains students in their academic skills, but also places high importance on their character development, so that they can achieve both academic and character excellence. The Somerset Yew Wah Classroom Programme is especially set up to help students further develop these qualities in a cultural environment different from their own. It is a key component of YWIES Primary and Secondary curriculum, and Pre-A students will study in Somerset for about one month.

Yew Wah Fashion and Art World Classroom

YWIES art education looks beyond the campus and extends to overseas, especially the art and fashion capitals such as London, Milan, Paris, New York etc. YWIES will open a Fashion and Art World Classroom to bring students to feel and experience the culture and charm of the world’s fashion and art centre.

Art & Design Summer Programme

YWIES will introduce world-class instructors in the fields of art, design, fashion, animation, etc. in summer, and open Art and Design programmes in different categories, so that students can broaden their artistic horizons, improve their design skills and fully explore their artistic potential.

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