Shanghai Gubei Campus

Payment Policy

The date of payment is determined according to the school’s bank acknowledgement, so you are advised to allow several days to avoid missing this deadline.

Method of Payment

  1. Bank remittance
  • 1) Payment can be made by bank transfer payable to the School’s RMB bank account. For easy identification, please write down your child’s name, school ID number and class on “remittance message or transaction remark”, If not, please forward a copy of your bank remittance advice with your child’s name to our Accounts Office.
  • 2) If any payment is made by international bank transfer (in foreign currency), you should pay for the additional local and overseas bank charges to ensure the exact amount of the payment will be transferred to our school account. Conversion from USD & other currencies to RMB is based on the market exchange rate at the time of actual payment.

Bank account details are as follows:
Account Name: 上海长宁区耀华专修学校
A/C No: 4546 5922 3465
BANK: 中国银行上海市长宁路支行

  1. Pay in person

Credit/Bank card payments in person can be accepted. Additional bank service charge will be added on payment made by credit/bank cards. Cash payments for tuition fees are NOT acceptable. Personal Cheques CANNOT be accepted.

Refund Policies

    1. Registration Fee


  1. Tuition Fee
Applicable Semester Actual Withdrawal Date Refund Condition
Semester 1 On or before June 15, 2020 100% Refund
On or before August 18, 2020 80% Refund
On or before October 19, 2020 50% Refund
Starting October 19, 2020 No Refund
Semester 2 On or before December 18, 2020 100% Refund
On or before January 4, 2021 80% Refund
On or before April 2, 2021 50% Refund
Starting April 2, 2021 No Refund
  1. Boarding Fee

No refund will be made within any Semester. For a student who withdraws on parents’ own initiative, refund will only be applied on the rest of semester of that Academic Year.

  1. Meal Fee

No refund will be made when the students are in school. The meal fee balance will be refunded when the students drop out of school or graduate. The invoice/fapiao is based on the actual consumption of the student and is issued at the end of each school calendar year or when the students drop out of school or graduate.


Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Dept. Office at:
Tel:  0086-21-62340011-1212  0086-21-62340011-1282   Fax: 0086-21-62612812   Contact person: Ms Du & Ms Wang.

Admissions Office

Admissions Hotline: 800 820 2130 / (021) 6275 4365
Address: 600 Gubei Road, Shanghai
Postal Code: 200336
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