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This Fee Schedule and Payment Policies, including the tuition discounts, payment and refund policies, applies to the new students who enrol on the Overseas University Preparation Programme (OUPP) during the 2018/2019 academic year at Yew Wah International Education School of Shanghai Changning.


1. Registration Fee
RMB 550 yuan forpaid byfor all students towho takinge placement tests

2. Tuition Fee
(1) OUPP – IGCSE 1, IGCSE 2 : RMB 228,000 yuan per year
(2) OUPP – AS Level, A2 Level: RMB 238,000 yuan per year
Payment of tuition fees will entitle students to:
Ⅰ. receive one set of uniform in the first year
Ⅱ. take part in Student Orientation Programme once
Ⅲ. receive one set of text books every year

3. Insurance Fee
All students must pay RMB 90 yuan per year for insurance costs

4. Boarding Fee
For in-campus dorm: RMB 38,500 yuan per year, covering the cost of water, electricity, gas, local phone calls and Internet in dormitory on all boarding days, except the school breaks of 4 days or more, such as Chinese New Year, Spring Break, Summer Break, National Day holiday, and Christmas Holiday

5. Meal Fee
(1) Boarding students: RMB 21,000 yuan per year, covering the cost of breakfast, lunch, supper, and a late night snack on all boarding days. Only breakfast and lunch are provided on Saturdays, and no meal service is provided on Sundays
(2) Non-boarding students: RMB 7,500 yuan per year, covering the cost of lunch on all student days

6. Other Fees (for example, examination fees, university entrance fees, transportation fees, accommodation fees, meal, and admission fees for domestic or overseas educational visits required by the school as a part of the study) are charged additionally according to the real expenses.

In principle, boarding and meal services are not available on non-boarding days. For any request of services approved by the school, additional fees of RMB 130 yuan per day for boarding and RMB 100 yuan per day for meal will be charged.


1. Students will enjoy a 4% discount of Tuition Fees only, if the entire 2018/2019 annual Tuition Fee is paid in full and received by our bank no later than May 31, 2018. The refund will not be included in the Early Bird discount if the parent requests to withdraw the student from the school.

2. 5% discount of the tuition if:
(1) the student is new to OUPP i.e. this applies only to the student’s first year in OUPP; and
(2) the student has previously enrolled in a Yew Wah programme with payment and completed no less than one year of class; and
(3) the student has never requested a refund from Yew Wah.

3. 5% discount of the tuition after the 1st or 2nd discount if the student has one or more siblings enrolled in the same academic year who have already paid their tuition and other payable fees in full.

4. All above discounts ONLY apply to the Tuition Fees and do not apply to the other fees.