In this digital age, many of the traditional industries will be replaced by artificial intelligence such that in 20 years’ time. The many occupations that we currently know may be redefined, requiring workers to possess new skills that will allow them to perform new roles. In an interview with the British newspaper, The Guardian, Martin Ford, a futurist and author of the book, Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, stated that jobs that are routine in nature, and are repetitive and predictable, are most at risk to be taken over by robots; law and accounting being examples. In contrast, the first on his list of jobs which he classifies as “resilient”, that is, they are difficult to be replaced by automation, are “jobs that involve ‘genuine creativity, such as being an artist, being a scientist, developing a new business strategy.”

It is with this background in mind that since the beginning of this academic year, YWIES Shanghai Gubei has introduced the A Level Fashion and Textiles module, led by world renowned and former New York-based designer – now our very own Fashion Director, Mr David Leung. Through a greater focus on the Arts, we provide the best preparation for our students to face the challenges of their time, so that they are armed with creative and problem-solving skills that are necessary for them to succeed in a creative or people-focused industry.

In the new academic year, we wish to further build and strengthen our Art and Design programme, by introducing the three-year International Art and Design Programme, encompassing a one-year Pre-A programme and a two-year General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A Level) programme, where students will study a selection of Art and Design courses, ranging from Fine Art to Graphic Communication, and from Fashion and Textiles to Digital Media and Design. This will be in addition to academic courses in Business and Entrepreneurship, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), etc. as well as a programme in Wellness. Students will be provided with opportunities to engage with leading international artists and designers through our Fashion and Art World Classroom programme, as well as through summer programmes and art studios.

I am delighted to announce that the International Art and Design Programme will be subsumed under the new Yew Wah School of Art and Design (YWAD), where we reposition ourselves as Shanghai’s first Art and Design school for overseas university preparation.


Professor Paul Yip Kwok-wah
Chairman of Hong Kong Yew Wah International Education Foundation

Dr Betty Chan Po-king
CEO & School Supervisor of Hong Kong Yew Wah International Education Foundation

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