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    Campus & Facilities

    YWIES of Shanghai Gubei is located at the centre of Shanghai, near fashion landmarks and fashion industry areas. The school has a full range of art teaching spaces and facilities, including Art and Design Classroom, Fashion and Design Classroom, Textiles Classroom, Digital Media Lab, Design and Technology Classroom and Workshop, and Multi-functional Exhibition Hall, etc.

    Boarding service is available to Yew Wah students. Experienced staff will be appointed to supervise the boarding students and monitor the safety of the dormitory.

    • Fine Art Classroom

      Students in fine art explore painting, drawing, sculpture, and screen printing, etc. Within this space, students will study different mediums and techniques to create visually stunning works of art. In the art classrooms, it is mainly white in colour from walls to furniture. We want to create a white box atmosphere, a white canvas to start any design and creation, a white space for thoughts and to express inner emotions.

    • Fashion Design Classroom

      In this room our students study fashion design, and can utilize the space to display their work in a gallery style in order to develop presentation skills, receive peer feedback, and critique from their teachers and guest speakers. Student explore a variety of techniques here from 2-dimensional drawing to 3-dimensional fashion design.

    • Textile Classroom

      The textile studio is a space for students to translate their design inspirations through structure, pattern, composition, color, decorative embellishment and material tactility. Students will learn how to turn creative ideas into actual printed, dyed and constructed textile samples with studio-based design process and practice.

    • ICT and Digital Media Computer Lab

      Our ICT and Digital Media room are outfitted with the latest computers and technology resources. Here they develop their skills in digital photography, film, animation, graphics and develop their computer skills.

    • Design & Technology Lab

      Our Design and Technology space allows students to study the theory and processes of design, as well as have hands on experience in working with a variety of materials, from 3D printing to wood working. We provide students with the top of the line tools they need to turn their vision into working models.

    • Creative Community Centre

      This space is designed for a variety of purposes, such as holding Art Exhibitions, Christmas Concerts, School Performances, displaying school work and for staff and students to use this communal learning area where they collaborate on variety of projects.