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    Art & Design Programme

    YWIES Shanghai Gubei offers a three-year program featuring art and design with a wide selection of optional subjects. The program is taught in English and also includes portfolio and university guidance.



    Through interdisciplinary integration, the school shapes students' cognition. We teach not only the skills but also focus on the mindset and the ability needed by artists and designers. We are committed to providing Chinese students with a stellar art education.


    • Art 1 Art and Design (choose one out of three options)
      • Fine Art
      • Graphic Communication
      • Fashion Design and Textiles
    • Art 2 Digital Media and Design
    • Art 3 Design and Technology
    • Art 4 Music
    • Art 5 Art Management
    • Art 6 Art Economics
    • STEM 1
    • STEM 2
    • STEM 3

    Compulsory Subjects

    • Foundation Art*
    • Future Lab*
    • Performing Art
    • Chinese Culture Study
    • Western Culture Study
    • Wellness (Physical Education & Character Education)

    *Foundation Art and Future Lab are compulsory in the 1st year


    Snapshot of a School Day in Upper Secondary