Q: What kinds of students is Yew Wah International Art and Design Programme suitable for? What are the school's admissions requirements?

A: Yew Wah International Art and Design Programme is especially suitable for both local and expatriate students who plan for art university life outside China and expect to work in an international art and design environment in the future. To enter the school, students' English and academic abilities are tested using an authoritative assessment system. Moreover, students must provide art works (collections) that fully reflect their artistic creativity.

Q:Regarding art university preparation, what are the differences between YWIES and other local schools offering international education?

A:Some international secondary schools also offer art and design programmes, and some of their graduates study at overseas art universities. However, art and design programme is usually only an elective, involving only fine arts and graphic design. For students who are interested in studying at overseas art universities, Yew Wah International Art and Design Programme is tailor-made for them which allows more focus on studying art and design. Its art and design subjects cover almost all art university majors, such as Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Fashion and Textiles, Design and Technology, Digital Media and Design, etc. The school has also specially designed a Portfolio Guidance Programme to provide students comprehensive art university guidance and services. Moreover, Yew Wah Art and Design World Classroom, Summer Programme, Wellness and Lifestyle Programme also lay a solid foundation for students' future art learning and career development.

Q: Regarding art university, what are the differences between YWIES and other art overseas-study agencies?

A: YWIES's teaching goals go far beyond portfolio guidance and English standardisation examination. Students will receive a comprehensive and systematic art education, a comprehensive enhancement in academic ability and a full preparation for studying abroad. Not only will they gain outstanding artistic literacy and design skills, but also will they develop excellent critical thinking skills, international perspectives, and exceptional communication, display and social skills. All these abilities are essential for students to pursue further studies in overseas art universities and art-related careers in the future.

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