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    The Long-Promised Yew Wah Summer Programme Conducted By Masters

    School News

    17 Aug, 2020

    10 : 00

    This summer, although you cannot go to any overseas summer school, with the reopening of schools and campuses in China, the most "beautiful" Summer Programme - Yew Wah Art, Fashion and Wellness Summer Programme - is ready for you to experience the top-art-school level learning atmosphere and have a wonderful summer with master instructors.

    The 2019 Yew Wah Fashion Summer Camp was warmly welcomed among students. The Yew Wah Summer Programme this year will lead you to appreciate beauty, enjoy beauty and create beauty from multiple dimensions in the summer of 2020.

    2020 Yew Wah Summer Programme!

    Two Options:

    One is a whole-day programme that covers foundation art, fashion design, and lifestyle & wellness.

    The other is the half-day Art Portfolio Development Programme for students who are preparing their university admission portfolios.

    Why Rose?

    "A rose is a rose is a rose" (by poet Gertrude Stein) is often interpreted as "things are what they are", a statement of the law of identity. The life cycle of the rose from growth to decay would inspire new design ideas and innovative vision of beauty. The magical power of rose-colour and rose-scent is a sustainable force. The rose has fascinated generations of poets, painters, designers and photographers.

    Other than pleasing the eyes, the rose plant has natural benefits to our body as well. In our Rose & Skin session, students will learn to appreciate that under the guidance of professional instructors.

    The above two illustrations by Mr Bil Donovan,
    a world-famous fashion illustrator, Artist-in-Residence for Christian Dior

    Lifestyle is a way of living. For an individual (or a group), it is an expression of your self-image. It communicates to others what matters to you, and it conveys your intent. We hope to inspire you to become a proactive explorer of life, and help you build the path to a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is intentional and lifestyle is a choice.

    Acquiring taste is a journey and it starts this summer, from this most beautiful summer programme.


    The three heavy-weight instructorsfrom Yew Wahhave been deeply engaged in art education and creative practice for many years. They have multiple identities. Each identity is a dazzling label, and each identity can bring students different inspirations:

    • The first Chinese designer for the luxury brand Versace,
    • Adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design,
    • Designer who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design,
    • Fashion columnist in magazine Marie Claire and, and Associate Managing Editor magazine Ming's,
    • Director, and Executive Producer inTVB, ATV and CTN in Hong Kong for over 15 years,
    • Event designingcompany owner, serving international corporations such as Hermes and Dior amongst many.

    Let's get to know more about the instructors who will be with you for 10 days.

    David Leung

    Fashion Design | David Leung
    Director of Fashion Design, a world-renowned fashion designer

    • Over 30 years of extensive experience in the fashion industry with assignments in Milan, Paris and New York City;
    • Working directly with Gianni Versace, and designed the iconic "Medusa" logo for the world-renowned Italian brand. Collaborating with Joan Helpern (Co-founder of Joan & David), - and Josie Natori (Founder of an East meets West fashion and Lifestyle brand) on creative design work;
    • Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kent State University Fashion School and New York University Steinhardt Graduate School;
    • Fashion Consultant for China Institute New York (founded in 1926 by renowned scholars and educators, the oldest non-profit organisation in America solely dedicated to advancing a deeper understanding of China);
    • Creative Consultant for China Institute Fashion Design Competition, and Supima Cotton Fashion Design Competition.

    Yoon-Kyung Kim

    Foundation Art & Art Portfolio | Yoon-Kyung Kim
    Textile Instructor, graduated from RISD

    Ms Yoon-Kyung Kim was formally trained in art starting at a young age attending art schools in South Korea and later in the US with a degree in textile design from Rhode Island School of Design. In her subsequent years working, she has developed her career in New York City, Seoul, Shanghai, and Suzhou as a designer, merchandiser, colourist, market researcher and educator. Over the past decade, she has been in various teaching positions for fashion, textiles and fine arts in China. Much of her inspiration in creating and teaching art and design is drawn from her diverse experience from all corners of the world.

    Dorothy Leung

    Lifestyle & Wellness | Dorothy Leung
    School Protocol Executive Officer, a TV producer, a fashion columnist and Associate Managing Director

    After returning from the US, Ms Dorothy Leung worked in major television networks (TVB, ATV and CTN) in Hong Kong for over 15 years. She has worked as Director, Executive Producer, Artiste Image Designer, Production Manager and Head of Network Programme Strategic Division.She took production to Milan, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo, bring creative content to Chinese audience.

    She was invited to write as a fashion columnist in magazineMarie Claireand, and appointed as the Associate Managing Editor for magazineMing's.

    In 2000, she ventured to create her own company for event designing, serving international corporations such as Hermes and Dior amongst many. She also specialised in wedding design for private clients.

    Ms Leung joined Yew Wah in 2014 as School Protocol Executive Officer. Her main focus is to develop the Residence Hall Programme - nurturing global citizens who are creative, resilient, and tactful.She teaches workshops on etiquette and life skills on campus, as well as facilitating art projects and tea clubs.


    The 2020 Yew Wah Summer Programme provides two options.One is awhole-day programme that covers foundation art, fashion design, and lifestyle & wellness.The other is the half-day Art Portfolio Development Programme for students who are preparing their university admission portfolios.

    2020 Yew Wah Art, Fashion and Wellness
    Summer Programme

    Fashion Design

    The life cycle of the rose from growth to decay would inspire new design ideas and innovative vision of beauty. This Fashion Design workshop, guided by Mr David Leung, will take you on a design journey, drawing inspirations from roses.

    • Starting with research, sketch the change of colour and shape during the rose's decay process;
    • Develop concepts through mood boards, collages, fashion drawings and experiments on fabric manipulations;
    • Translate these conceptsand create sculptural designs on mannequins

    The workshop will culminate in an exhibition of the students' portfolio of fashion design sketches, development process, andpersonal story telling of their roses.

    Foundation Art

    In this two-week Foundation Art course, Ms Yoon-Kyung Kim will guide students tobuild and develop the skillsand vocabulary of visual arts andenhance their creative experience.

    • Introduce students to the formal elements of art and design - line, shape, colour, texture and space;
    • Provide a basisfor further study within a variety of art and design disciplines;
    • Museum field trip led by instructors

    Inaddition, at the end of the course, there will be a student exhibition open to thepublic, family and friends.

    Lifestyle& Wellness

    To define a lifestyle, you need to explore and find out not just what you like but truly enjoy, those things you want but not need. A self-aware lifestyle is about understanding this difference. It involves paying attention to details in particulars, researching and observing the environment, ambience, and the people around you.

    Through a 10-day Lifestyle & Wellnesscourse titled "At My Table", Ms Dorothy Leung will introduce to you,

    • Table setting, one of the key elements in event designing;
    • Table manners and table settings for western and Chinese dining;
    • Hands-on experience of handling flowers - the focus in formal events;
    • Self-care: rose & skin;
    • A savor of tea in an afternoon tea setting.

    2020 Yew Wah Art Portfolio Development

    This Art Portfolio Development courseis designed for students who are preparing their university admission portfolios. Guided by Ms Yoon-Kyung Kim who has over 10 years of teaching experience, students will gain a better understanding of what is needed to prepare a portfolio, and express themselves creatively as an artist and as an individual.

    • Explore different media and techniques through experimentation and by addressing a range of different disciplines within art and design;
    • Research, edit and refine the presentation of their work to effectively communicate their artistic skills, personal interest, style and taste;
    • Strengthenstudents' creative and conceptual abilities;
    • Strengthen their research ability as well as global and social awareness;
    • Builda well-rounded artistic portfolio to tell their own story.

    03. HOW

    2020 Yew Wah Summer Programme

    Dates: July 6-10 & July 13-17,2020
    Address: YWIES Shanghai Gubei
    (600 Gubei Rd, Shanghai)
    Targeted Students (Maximum 12 spots for each programme)
    - Whole-Day Programme Open to Grades7 -9 Students
    - Half-Day Art Portfolio Development Programme Open to Grades 10 - 12 Students
    Fees: (DayProgramme, no boarding provided)
    - Whole-Day Programme RMB 16000 yuan
    (RMB 14000 yuan for Yew Wah and Yew Chung students)
    - Half-Day Art Portfolio Development Programme RMB 12000 yuan
    (RMB 10000 yuan for Yew Wah and Yew Chung students)

    Early Bird Discount: RMB 1000 yuan off on or before June 12, 2020


    Whole-Day Programme

    Time Course
    9 - 10.40 a.m. Foundation Art
    10.40 - 10.50 a.m. Break
    10.50 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Lifestyle and Wellness
    12.30 - 1.30 p.m. Lunch
    1.30 - 3 p.m. Fashion Design

    **July 8 & 15(Wednesday) off campus classroom: museum & exhibition visit, flower market visit, street art, etc.

    Half-Day Art Portfolio Development Programme

    Time Course
    1.30-4.30 p.m. Art Portfolio

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